Equipment Removal and Install

A client of R&T that has been with us for over 30 years is a global leader in piping solutions. They had a fast-moving project slated for installation in about 6 months.

The equipment that needed to be installed, a rotary sand casting separator, was essentially landlocked and not accessible by any interior aisleways.

To replace the equipment, several other pieces of equipment would need to be removed in order to access the equipment being replaced. In addition, the separator was only scheduled to be shut down for 2 weeks, which was not enough time to complete the job.

R&T collaborated with our client and came up with a unique way to tackle the project. We created access through the roof in order to remove and install equipment, which allowed us to keep the other nearby equipment in place. In total, we partnered with a roofing company, concrete company, and large crane company to successfully execute the project.

The use of a 500-ton crane was needed to remove the old rotary sand casting separator which weighed approx. 26,000 lbs. and had a 230-foot radius.

The old support structures, platforms, piping, and sound enclosures were removed through the roof access point.

To provide a stronger foundation for the new equipment, R&T broke out the existing concrete, rebar reinforced the area, and poured thicker concrete for the new equipment.

New support structures and platforms also had to be supplied, but the customer didn’t have a fabricator lined up and the scheduled install was just weeks away. So R&T fabricated all of the new support pieces in time for the installation.

We then installed the structure and platform via the crane through the roof. Following the new structure installation, it was time to “fly” the 33,000-lb. rotary sand casting separator into place.

The new separator was safely lifted from nearby and installed through the roof. We then worked closely with the equipment manufacturer to precision align and test everything prior to production.

R&T’s turnkey installation capabilities made it possible to complete the project on an accelerated schedule. In fact, the project finished early and under budget and R&T has been asked to assist with future equipment installs.

Project Type: Rotary Sand Casting Separator
Location: Columbia, PA
Services Provided:
  • Turnkey Installation of Sand Casting Separator
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Rigging
  • Pipefitting
  • Concrete Services
  • New Structure, Platform, and Equipment Install
  • Crane Rental
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